Welcome to New York County Medical Society

Since its inception in 1806, the New York County Medical Society has been representing physicians as they treat patients, advance science, maintain the standards of the profession, and protect the public health.

The mission of the New York County Medical Society is to proactively identify and respond to the evolving needs of its members; to strive for the achievement of the highest standards of medical practice and quality of care by providing extended medical education and supporting advances in medical science; to champion the integrity of the patient–physician relationship; to improve public health through education initiatives and targeted community service efforts; and to serve as a strong advocate for both members and patients by working aggressively for enactment of supportive and enabling medical legislation.

The Society has an active roster of committees that includes groups which discuss government regulations, continuing medical education, medical economics, peer review, and public health, among others.

Since its inception, the Society has been involved in every aspect of medical care in Manhattan, including:

  • bulletParticipation in the founding of Manhattan hospitals;
  • bulletFighting epidemics from smallpox to tuberculosis to AIDS;
  • bulletWorking to protect the public health, including milk inspection at area farms (a practice that the Society did into the early 70s!);
  • bulletLeading efforts to fight unfair practices by third–party payers such as suits against major health insurers;
  • bulletAdvocating for patients and the profession with New York State legislators and regulators — the Society’s work to educate government leaders on healthcare is a key part of its mission;
  • bulletAdvancing science and medical education causes;
  • bulletWelcoming new generations of physicians to practice in New York City.


Message from the Executive Director

Since its founding in 1806, the New York County Medical Society has steadfastly represented physicians in their dedication to patient care, scientific advancement, professional standards, and public health protection. As a distinguished professional membership organization for physicians practicing or residing in Manhattan, the Society has a rich history of advocacy for both healthcare providers and patients.

Aligned with the broader federation of organized medicine, including the American Medical Association and the Medical Society of the State of New York, our Society serves as a vital platform for physicians from diverse specialties to engage in crucial discussions on contemporary healthcare issues and collectively advance the interests of the medical profession and public welfare.

Nicholas J. Novak

Executive Director