NYS Workers’ Compensation Application Process for
Manhattan Physicians

Below is information for Manhattan physicians seeking a workers’ compensation/independent medical examiner rating in New York State:

The application process for New York State Workers’ Compensation ratings will be only through an online process. No paper applications can be accepted. Manhattan physicians must process through The New York County Medical Society.

1) As part of the application process
a) New York County Medical Society members in good standing pay $250.00
b) Nonmembers pay $750.00 (join for the discounted member rate)

You have two payment options:

To pay by check , send check made out to the New York County Medical Society with the name of the physician and contact information to the address below. Please make sure we can contact you if we need to confirm the physician application.

Workers’ Compensation Committee
New York County Medical Society
246 West 38 Street, Suite 501
New York, NY 10018

To pay by credit card over the phone, contact Sony Hilado at (212) 684–4682. (Tell Sony if you wish to join the Society for a number of benefits, including the rating discount, and she will expedite your membership).

Application review will not begin without fee payment.

2) To proceed with an application, you must have a NY.govID (The NY.gov ID account is an online “ID” and password that enables individuals, businesses and organizations to securely access multiple online government services with a single user ID and password.) Many physicians will already be prepared because they are registered with the New York State Health Commerce system. If you are so registered, you should have a NY.govID already. Physicians new to the State of New York or practice will have to do this step first and will be directed as to how to do it on the WC Board site. For more about the process to get on the portal, go to http://www.wcb.ny.gov/medicalportaloverview/

3) Once you log in at the Workers’ Comp Board site at http://www.wcb.ny.gov/content/main/hcpp/AuthAppWebLinkInfo.jsp with your NY.govID, applicants will have to complete the Workers’ Compensation Board training online in order to participate in the Workers’ Compensation program. The training needs to be completed before you can apply to the program.

There are eight brief online training modules on the WC site you have to complete:

1) Treatment: Medical Portal;
2) Billing: Reporting Forms;
3) Billing: Medical Request Forms C–4 Authorizations;
4) Billing: Medical Fee Schedule;
5) Dispute Resolution;
6) Treatment: Impairment Guidelines;
7) Treatment: Medical Treatment Guidelines; and
8) Treatment: Variances.

When these training modules are completed, you will be directed back to the new application online. They must be completed before you can submit your application.

4) Complete the information on the online application — name, NPI, license should populate thanks to your GovID. Include your email, type of rating you want (perform treatment, IME, or both), and the county medical society for the county you will be practicing in (i.e., MANHATTAN IS NEW YORK COUNTY).

You will be asked for your practice website, practice address, practice sites (can be multiple). You can select languages that can be accommodated in your practice, and your specialties and subspecialties (multiples can be listed). You will have to list details of your license (number, issuer, etc.). You will have to list any disciplinary actions taken against you, any prior Board authorizations (or loss of such), and other such issues.

5) You must then complete the checklist and requirements for attachments for the following:

Acknowledgment that Training was Completed (link will be provided)
Attachment of CV/Resume
Attachment of Specialty/Subspecialty, Residency, Fellowship Certification
NOTE: Applicants for authorization to perform independent medical examinations must include a certificate from a specialty board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties http://www.abms.org/member-boards/contact-an-abms-member-board/
or the American Osteopathic Association
Attachment of Any Documentation on Disciplinary Actions

6) You will attest the information provided is true with your name and date, and hit SUBMIT.

7) Your application will then be sent to the New York County Medical Society office for review.

8) If an application is not complete with necessary information, including any additional information or clarification required by the Workers’ Compensation Committee Chair or payment of the application fee, it will be rejected, which will require the process to begin again with a new application to be filled out.

9) If at the 30–day mark, the Society has not received payment of fee or any requested information needed for the application, it will consider that there is insufficient time to review the application fully, and it can be rejected.

10) By Day 45 after submission of the application, the Society will send its recommendations to the WCB for approval or rejection. The WC Board will then provide the ratings if appropriate.