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Fifty Years On

Congratulations to New York County Medical Society members celebrating 50 years as physicians in 2009:

Michael M. Baden, MD
Ralph August Baer, MD
Emil Jacques Balthazar, MD
C. Redington Barrett, MD
Gerald Bernstein, MD
Walther Hartmut Bohne, MD
Howard Raymond Brown, MD
C. Stephen Connolly, MD
Michel Costes, MD
Richard George Druss, MD
Joseph F. Dursi, MD
Chiu Lun Eng, MD
Thomas Joseph Fahey, MD
Martin Murray Feuer, MD
Marius Focseneanu, MD
Kenneth A. Forde, MD
Alan Jay Friedman, MD
Danilo Garcia, MD
Ivan Kenneth Goldberg, MD
Carmen Hermena Grange, MD
Harvey Roy Greenberg, MD
Bernardo Handszer–Guss, MD
George Marshall Howard, MD
Yun–Hsi Hsu, MD
Eugene Leslie Jacobs, MD
John Julius Jasaitis, MD
Saul Kaplan, MD
Harvey Gilbert Kemp, MD
Ludwig Klein, MD
Peter C. Leggiadro, MD
Barrie Herman Levitt, MD
Peter C. Lombardo, MD
George Lowen, MD
Sheung Bun Lui, MD
Stephen L. Matseoane, MD
Richard P. Orphanos, MD
Nicholas Anthon Pace, MD
Demetrius Pertsemlidis, MD
Daniel H. Present, MD
Peter I. Pressman, MD
Melvin Rosenzweig, MD
Herbert S. Rubinowitz, MD
Zoltan Istvan Saary, MD
Benjamin James Sadock, MD
Charles Alan Sarner, MD
David Harold Sherman, MD
Morris Aaron Shorofsky, MD
George Lewis Siegel, MD
Paul Singer, MD
Darline D. Smith, MD
Alf Michael Tannenberg, MD
Stanley H. Title, MD
Saul Tuttman, MD
William David Walden, MD
Kenneth Neil Weinstein, MD
Mary E. Wilson, MD
Iven Sheldon Young, MD

Posted 09-29-2009 at 12:18PM

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