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Fifty Years On

Congratulations to New York County Medical Society members celebrating 50 years as physicians in 2008:

Richard Pollard Ames, MD
Roy H. Ashikari, MD
David Ian Atkinson, MD
Robert Auerbach, MD
Vallo Benjamin, MD
Alexander Rudol Broden, MD
Ronald Edward Carr, MD
Leon Chattah, MD
Sheldon Harold Cherry, MD
Newton Bing Chin, MD
Vincent A. Cipollaro, MD
John Cohn, MD
Milena De Pena, MD
Joseph Thomas English, MD
Joseph George Fink, MD
Seymour Fradin, MD
Dennis Byron Freilich, MD
Herbert Martin Gahr, MD
James Pinchot Gaston, MD
Stephen Ralph Gushin, MD
Norman Lionel Kaplan, MD
Arthur E Karanas, MD
Hae Ahm Kim, MD
Franklin Meyer Klion, MD
Allan M Lans, DO
Woon Soon Lee, MD
Henry J. Magliato, MD
Krishan Malik, MD
Samuel S. Mandel, MD
Patricia Marie Mc Cormack, MD
Robert Michels, MD
Maria Angelica Mieza, MD
Harold Arthur Mitty, MD
Damyanti Moorjani, MD
Hamid Mouallem, MD
David Newman, MD
Donna O’Hare, MD
Ronald Neil Ollstein, MD
A Stephen Passloff, MD
Karl Herman Perzin, MD
Walter Francis Pizzi, MD
Robert C Post, MD
Edward Leon Raab, MD
Robert Royce Riggio, MD
Bertram Howard Rosen, MD
Harvey Rosenblatt, MD
Jay Alan Rosenblum, MD
Richard Louis Saphir, MD
Lawrence Leslie Scharer, MD
Paul Elias Schneck, MD
Arnold Schonfeld, MD
S. Warren Seides, MD
Maurice Edward Shils, MD
Charles Siegal, MD
Henry Saml Singman, MD
Harry Spiera, MD
Kurt Hodgson Stenzel, MD
Allen Michael Terdiman, MD
Livia Shang–Yu Wan, MD
Jerome Donar Waye, MD
Nathaniel Wisch, MD
David Harold Woldenberg, MD
Robert Zaretsky, MD

Posted 07-29-2008 at 10:15AM

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